Suites Alba Exterior


All of the accommodations where you will be staying boast either 4 or 5 stars. In our opinion both Hilton Vilamoura as well as Suites Alba have ‘only’ 5 stars. In our programme we offer the choice to stay in an apartment, a villa or a hotel as well as the choice to stay right on the golf course or on a nice and quiet retreat on the beach.

Pure luxury
We have the highest of standards in mind in offering you the best golfing holiday. On the other hand we offer a cheaper and certainly excellent alternative, still with the ability to exceed your expectations. With a minimum valuation score of an 8,7 (Hilton Vilamoura) through a score of 9,3 (Suites Alba) out of 10, we are absolutely convinced of the fact that you will feel that these are the perfect locations to stay.

Extra information on our accommodations

In our standard offer your accommodation has all comfort so you can play the game of golf without any worries. Luxurious bath rooms, quality beds, flat screen tv’s and wifi connections are  available at everyone of our locations.

If you book for 2 persons, your accommodation is suited for two and we offer you a T1 apartment/suite or luxurious hotel room. When you visit with a party of four you can choose to stay in a T2 apartment or in two separate hotel rooms to enjoy your golfing holiday. For a party of four we can also offer the luxurious alternative. This gives you a V4 Villa on the Pestana and Amendoeira resorts, two 2 person luxury suites in Suites Alba or an apartment in the Hilton Vilamoura. Giving you the gift of an extra amount of space as well as even more luxury to fully take in this golfing experience in optimal relaxation.

You can always tell us wether you have any specific wishes. Maybe you want to visit with a diffent amount of guests. Or if you want to choose an even more luxurious accommodation. In that case we can offer you the Presidential Suite in the Hilton Vilamoura or a 10 person villa on the Amendoeira resort, a luxury villa on the Pestana resort or a sea view accommodation at Suites Alba. We would love to deliver you a tailor made quotation!