Espiche Golf

This course was openend in the second half of 2012, after initially being  developed halfway through the nineties. The course has a very natural ring to it and is maintained with the ecology of the region in mind. Sometimes the only sounds you will hear is the distant barks of a dog or crows of a rooster.

Lovely serenity
Soft slopes, the indigenous plant life interchanged with silky smooth lakes and streams will turn your golf round into an oasis of peace and tranquillity. The clubhouse majestically features on the central hill right in the middle of the course. After your round you can relive your tour of the fantasic holes. Most of the spaciously constructed holes are visible from either one of the terraces.

Like the wind
This course’s venom lies within the fact that you really need to keep the ball on the fairway to stand any chance of achieving a good score. The first nine holes you play either with the wind in your back or you will have to take the wind dead on. During the second part of your round the wind usually comes from the side of the already fairly narrow fairways, making things even more exciting. Our motto for this course: like the birds that accompany you during your round of golf: make the wind your friend!

Drone images Espiche Golf 1

NEW LOGO Espiche 2013

Drone images Espiche Golf 2

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