Oceânico Faldo Course

Sir Nick Faldo, former number one in the world and one of Europe’s all time best players won 6 Major titles and has been part a of the European Ryder Cup team a record number of times. He projected his experience as a player on the construction of this golf course. Oceânico Faldo demands your absolute best in strategic golf, and that is just the way sir Nick intended it.

Colorful palette
According to Nick Faldo himself a well thought out strategy in taking on the holes will pay out in the end. This course is totally different from any other course in the Algarve. It offers a festive array of colours from the shades of green of the fairways to the terracotta colored villas and white sand hazards, and all of that underneath the Algarve’s clear blue skies. All of this amounts to a round of pure and fully engaged golf for 18 holes.

Nick Faldo designed this course with one clear objective in mind: to be the best. And in our opinion he got it absolutely right!

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