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Our slogan exactly states what Blue Sky Golf Travel stands for. We offer luxury golf holidays and we are so passionate about our holidays that only the best is good enough for you. The accommodations, golf courses and restaurants we carefully selected for you each and every one offer passion, professionalism, luxury and class products. Your enjoyment during you golfing and relaxing holiday is our number 1 priority


The Blue Sky Golf Travel team comprises Jos den Hartog, Paul den Hartog en Patricia Boxelaar. These three professionals organise your ultimate golfing experience under the beautiful blue sky over each and every one of our accommodations. All three of them have Burgundian hearts, but are also of pragmatic nature. And all of them want to make sure their guests experience at least the same pure pleasure and joy of life as they experience on a daily basis themselves.



Has worked as a Master Golf Teaching Professional in the Algarve for the past five years on golf courses like: Pestana, Penina Golf Resort en Espiche golfe. He is fluent in three languages and familiar with the Algarve lifestyle. Jos is a regular guest of our accommodations and above all he knows all golf courses from a professional as well as from a player’s standpoint. As acting manager operations Jos is responsible for daily business during your stay. When you include golf lessons in you golf holiday he is also the one that will lift your game to a higher standard.



The financial and administrative brain of our operation. Paul takes care of all Blue Sky Golf Travel’s behind the scenes work and sees to it that everything happens on time and where it needs to be done. Paul is a true sportsman and ikes to enjoy luxury, relaxation and just to be out in the lovely sun. Exactly the things you will experience throughout your holiday. If he says it is right, you can rest assured that it is up to your standards!



Has made her mark in the hospitality en facilities branch. Where do you eat the best foods? Which standards must accommodations meet to be included in our holiday packages? How is the local service and does it live up to Blue Sky Golf Travel’s high standards? All these questions and quality standards are constantly checked by Patricia with her many years of experience in the hospitality and facilities branch. To surpass her customer’s expectations is one of the most rewarding aspects of her work. And if there is anyone who knows how to make anybody’s stay wonderful, it is Patricia!